The Inspector Constable mysteries
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Roger Keevil was born in Southampton, U.K., and returned to his roots in 2009 after a period living in Spain. He has long been an admirer of the classic detective story - among his favourite authors are Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Ellis Peters and Lindsey Davis.

It was during his time in Spain that the Inspector Constable murder mysteries were conceived - genuine detective puzzles, but with a light-hearted touch. The first adventure for Inspector Constable and Sergeant Copper, ‘Feted To Die’ (re-titled ‘Murderer’s Fete’ when it appeared as an e-book), was published in 2012, and this was succeeded later the same year by ‘Juan Foot In The Grave’ (later re-titled ‘Murder Unearthed’). Roger found that his time in Spain was an invaluable source of material for the book, as any expatriate who has lived there will understand! ‘Death Sails In The Sunset’, set aboard a cruise ship, followed - Roger has taken several cruise holidays, and people say you should write what you know.

The fourth and fifth novels, ‘Murder Comes To Call’ and ‘Murder Most Frequent’, are each a collection of a trio of stories, both offering a variety of cases for Roger’s detectives to solve. A full-length mystery entitled ‘The Odds On Murder’, investigates the death of a celebrated race-horse trainer, while ‘The Murder Cabinet’, reveals secrets in high places. Next came ‘The Game Of Murder’, featuring a TV game show where entertainment turns into sudden death, and ‘No Bar To Murder’, new for 2019, tells of a family riven by a crisis caused by a scheming woman.